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You may be asking yourself “Should i go to Port Barton”? Well if you are looking for buzzing night life you may be disappointed, But if you are looking for a chilled out sleepy beach town in the Philippines then Port Parton in Palawan is your Hidden Gem.

Cheap Boat Tours – In comparison to El Nido you can save a few pesos on boat tours.

Escape the Hustle – Not as many tourist travel to Port Barton so their is less people trying to sell you things

Beautiful Beaches – Their is lovely sandy beaches here which are not as crowded as other resort locations

Take an adventure with us!

No time like the present #YOLO. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle from El Nido why not come and have some fun with Santa Cools in Port Barton Palawan.

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Once in a life time memories

Start making memories which you will be telling your friends and family for the rest of your life. Here at Santa Cools we will help you discover what the Philippines have to offer,
Come down the the bar and have a beer with us.